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David Dorfman Dance will be touring to Armenia and Tajikistan in addition to Turkeydeparting at the end of April.

We are all looking forward to working & dancing with these three countries in T-2 weeks!


The Orientation Trip, in My Words

Receiving the opportunity to go to the DanceMotion USA Orientation in Washington D.C. was a surprise, an honor, and an event I looked forward to for months. I had only been with DanceMotion USA for two months as their first High School Intern when they asked me if I would like to attend the orientation. At this orientation, I would finally see what cultural diplomacy looked like, where eager dance companies would be prepared to be U.S. cultural ambassadors in countries where American dance had rarely or never been showcased.

The trip far exceeded my hopes and expectations. On the bus the first morning, I was introduced to the dancers of David Dorfman Dance, and they all were vibrant, excited, and fun, and set the tone for the impending orientation. They asked me questions about who I was, but I was much more interested in learning about them, their experiences as dancers, and how they were feeling about getting the chance to dance, teach, and learn in Turkey, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan. They answered my questions with speedy passion, telling me that they too were honored by DanceMotion USA, and were excited to teach and learn from others in those countries.


When we made it to D.C., I couldn’t stop staring and more than once had to stop the urge to take a picture for every step I made.

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Breakdance in Motion

The more and more I prepare for DanceMotion USA, the more I get this overwhelming feeling of hope. Many people, including family, have told me that there is no future in Breakdancing. That it is just a hobby. Something you pursue as a child then grow out of. That it is foolish to put so much time and effort into something that is not a real dance or sport. But I could never listen, because of what I felt when I danced. It is a feeling that cuts through money, color and social status. A place of peace. A voice.


So I have used Breakdancing as a foundation to learn other forms of dance and techniques. To build my foundation, to build my confidence, to believe in myself. Now, it has given me a chance to represent our country with DanceMotion USA in South America. It has giving me hope - that the world can see the strength in dance that it is not a hobby but a universal language. A language we all can speak and understand. That dance is an international tool for unity and can change the way we live. A world-wide understanding deeply rooted in every culture.


So today I train with more intention then ever. Today I dance for everyone in every country who was told not to.  

- Jeremiah



Dance breaking down international barriers:

In the middle of the Cold War, a 1958 American-USSR exchange agreement made it possible for the Moiseyev Dance Company to tour the US with 106 dancers, thrilling audiences in New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco with their high-energy folk dancing.


CONTRA-TIEMPO did a workshop with middle school students in Arlington, Virginia last weekend as part of their orientation for their #DMUSA tour this spring to South America.

Just wait til they take this to students in Bolivia, Chile, and Ecuador…!